A.D. COOK, Contemporary Artist

Art & Beyond. Special Nude & Figurative Edition 2016.

I’m honored to be featured on the cover of Art & Beyond Magazine, Special Nude, and Figurative Art Edition.

My painting, ECLIPSE has always been one of my favorites of one of my most painted muses…

For me, gracing the cover of Art & Beyond is especially special. I’ve been familiar with their publication for years. ECLIPSE is still one of my all-time favorite painting from that series – although I have to admit, I have a few from that time.
A.D. Cook painting featured on Art & Beyond cover - Special Nude Edition 2016

The obstruction of light. The power of beauty. Relaxed and confident in her power, ECLIPSE was inspired by the rare celestial event of her namesake. She was my second painting featuring model Lynsey. She has such a beautiful and strong posture. There is a lot of power in her confidence.

As a side note, her blue color was created in-part from the red created for her sister painting BACKDRAFT. All in all, I’ve actually painted a nice selection of original artworks featuring Lynsey. While we originally worked together in 2004, I understand that she still models. Maybe one day we can work together again to create new art that eclipses Eclipse. Until then, I hope my classic, Eclipse.

ECLIPSE, acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″.

My model, Lynsey, is featured approximately life-size in this painting.

Art & Beyond Magazine is also available as a printed version


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