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Model Directory

The following is a listing of beautiful models and muses who have inspired my art, along with links to their respective artworks.


  • Anakaren  >  Avalon

  • Anna > Sublime | Sometimes A Cigar

  • “Working with A.D. was truly a great pleasure. His team is completely professional and respectful of nude forms. It doesn’t feel like work when collaborating, his ideas are infectious. A.D. uses unique vision to capture lines and light just right; he is ‘The Model’s Artist’.

    Ariel  >  Ariel 11 | Breeze | Breeze ~ BW | Tangier | Tangier ~ Reds | Tangier ~ Miami | Arrow

  • Ashley  >  Lux Lady ~ Ash

  • “The artist/photographer A.D. Cook, is a pleasure to work with in order to increase ones portfolio. I did a lot of nudes during this photo session and was completely at ease, primarily because we had a meeting a couple days prior which allowed us to discuss details, plan, and “get a feel” for one another. That meeting gave me a first hand view of his professionalism and expectations. His studio is immaculate. He adjusts the temperature where it’s comfortable for the model. He will go through books with you, show you props available, and help with positioning while the shoot is going on. He is very conscious of the “whole” picture, from your eyes to your toes to really give you the best shot. He made the shoot fun.”

    Thank You Mr. A.D. Cook!



  • Brandy Beavers  >  Valhalla

  • “It was a pleasure to work with such a fine Photographer as A.D. on my first shooting trip to Oregon this March 2005. He has a great sense of humor, to add to his impressive skill as an artist. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

    Dale O.

  • Gabriela  >  Gabriela

  • Heather Carolin  >  Siren

  • Jennifer  >  Sometimes A Cigar II | Cue

  • “Working with A.D. was wonderful! He has great vision and I enjoyed being part of his art. I hope to continue working with A.D. for a long long time.”

    Jess Robinson  >  Premier | Anthem | Infinity | Encore

  • Jessica Harley Rosalie Diaz  >  The Dragon Within (coming soon)

  • Jessi June  >  Beaujolais

  • Jessica W.  >  Syrah | Flashback

  • Kimi  >  Jubilee

  • Laura  >  Nexus

  • “A.D. Cook is great to work with. Both he and his assistants are very professional and made every effort to ensure I was comfortable. The pictures he takes are wonderful and the paintings he makes from them are fabulous! I would recommend working with him to anyone.”

    Leona  >  Solstice

  • “I absolutely love working with A.D. Cook. He is a remarkable artist as well as a beautiful person. Every moment spent, I felt I was truly going to be transformed into a work of art. I always felt comfortable and completely at ease. Effortlessly, he makes the simplest of things extraordinary bringing out all the most sensual parts of you and turning them into magic.”

    Liz Ashley  >  Truth | Ascendant | Ardor | Luxe | Gaia | Bliss

  • “As an experienced model, I’ve found working with A.D. Cook to be pleasurable and very gratifying. He and his staff are courteous, appreciative and professional. I would be glad to work with him on more projects.”

    Lori Madison  >  Twilight | Oblivious | Within

  • “It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working with A.D. Cook and his assistant. They were both very professional. I never felt pressured and they always made sure I was comfortable during the entire shoot. The results were amazing. A.D. is great with lighting and I loved the props and ideas they had to share. I would definitely recommend working with them!”

    Lynsey  >  Nirvana | Eclipse | Backdraft | Repose | Brooklyn | Lynsey | Waiting | Spring | Brooke | Catching Wind

  • NevaehLleh  >  Nyx | Lux Lady ~ Nev 1 | Lux Lady ~ Nev 2 | Blue Moon | Marquee

  • Randee  >  Muah!

  • Robin  >  Lotus

  • “I had a wonderful experience working with A.D. Cook. He was very professional as well as his assistant, I felt comfortable the entire time and really had fun doing the shoot. He had some great ideas and the prints turned out perfect! He’s a very talented photographer as well as artist, I would love to work with him again in the future.”

    Rose  >  Valentine | Rose | Rose In Gold | Rose Gold | Rose Sitting | Diamondback ~ Black | Diamondback ~ Purple | Smmmokin’ | Gillette Company

  • Ruth  >  These Dreams | Fragments | Fermata | Stranded

  • Sarah  >  Sunkisssed | Sunkissed ~ Black

  • Shane  >  Everlasting | Rapture | True Love

  • Stephanie Torres  >  Mirage | Stephanie

  • “Working with A.D. has always been a wonderful experience. He and his assistant are always very professional, kind, considerate, and concerned about my comfort from the beginning until the end of the shoot. I felt safe and comfortable. The two hour drive is well worth the end result. I am looking forward to working with him again for other projects. I would recommend working with A.D. to any model looking to seriously enhance their portfolio.”

    Susan  >  Equinox

  • Tiffani Shipman  >  Lux Lady ~ Tiffani

  • “I really enjoyed shooting with A.D. – he is professional and pleasant and really knows his lighting, plus he has great ideas, settings, and props for each shoot! He lets the model show her individuality but also gives great input and guidance to create beautiful images. And I’m so impressed with the huge lifelike paintings he creates from the shoots, I’ve never seen anything like them! Both his photography and artwork is amazing!”

    Victoria Anisova  >  Muse | Bon Vivant | Solace

  • “Muah!”

    Zsa Zsa  >  Debut


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