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Valhalla. Beauty and strength.


Art For Sale, Figurative Art

I finished off my 2011 creative year in the studio with a special painting, VALHALLA, featuring Las Vegas reality show celebrity Brandy Beavers. I created her back-to-back as a follow up to Avalon. Valhalla is painted in a beautiful blue-green combination that glistens and changes throughout the day and from different perspectives. Approach her from the right and she is green on a gold background. View her from the left and she turns a darker blue on a silver background.

Model: Brandy Beavers

Avalon/Valhalla Video



48” x 36”

121.92 cm x 91.44 cm

Acrylic on specially-prepared pearlized canvas.

Original Painting for Sale

Figurative Art Canvas Prints

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