A.D. Cook with Ms. Media, 1993

Ms. Medea


80″ x 216″ (six panels at 80″ x 36″ each)

Acrylic paints and airbrushed Com-Art™ Colours on hinged door panels

Between painting wall murals I took a time-out to create this large artwork for Iwata-Medea (now Iwata Airbrush) to showcase their airbrushes and paints. In all, there are six hollow-core doors that I double-hinged together in two sets of three. The magenta and purple background carry across the six panels, with my painted lady, MS. MEDEA, represented across the right three panels.

This artwork was featured at several art industry events and is currently on display at the Iwata Airbrush World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

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