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Eclipse. The obstruction of light. The power of beauty.


Figurative Art

Relaxed and confident in her power, ECLIPSE was inspired by the rare celestial event of her namesake. She was my second painting featuring model Lynsey. Her blue color was created in-part from the red created for her sister painting BACKDRAFT.

My muse is featured approximately life-size in this painting.

Model: Lynsey

Art & Beyond, Special Nude & Figurative Edition 2016
American Art Collector, Art of the Nude – October 2010
Aphrodisia, The Art of The Female Form
Creating Eclipse: Step-by-Step

A.D. Cook painting featured on Art & Beyond cover - Special Nude Edition 2016

Art & Beyond, Special Nude & Figurative Edition 2016

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Look for ECLIPSE in American Art Collector, October 2010, Art of the Nude section

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36” x 36”

91.44 cm x 91.44 cm

Acrylic on specially-prepared canvas.

Private Collection. Las Vegas, NV.

Figurative Art Canvas Prints

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