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Art Monkey at A.D. Cook art studio, Las Vegas, NV

Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas

Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas for Airbrush by A.D. Cook Published in Airbrush Action Magazine, December 2004 (updated April 2020) Canvas and fine art go hand-in-hand. But readily available off-the-shelf

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ARTOOL Body of Art ad by A.D. Cook (preview)

Body Of Art

BODY OF ART Artool Products magazine ad – © 1999 Artool Products Company, Inc. Featuring body art by A.D. Cook Photography by Todd Eckelman

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ART HOG Iwata Medea ComArt ad featuring A.D. Cook

Art Hog Iwata Airbrush Ad

ART I Love. I Collect. I Create. ART HOG Com-Art Airbrush Colours & Iwata airbrush endorsement ad – © Medea-Iwata, Inc. Featuring Autumn Riders © A.D. Cook 1997 Ad designed by ADCookDesign.com

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