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The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook by Pamela Shanteau

Creating Reflective Effects: Passing Time

A Study in Chrome and Reflected Surfaces by A.D. Cook The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook by Pamela Shanteau [ buy book ] Title: Passing Time 9/4/00 – 10/9/00 Size and Surface: 36″ x 48″ on 100% pure cotton duck stretched canvas.

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Aphrodisia featuring A.D. Cook Book Cover (preview)


Aphrodisia ~ Art of the Female Form Beautiful and imaginative paintings, drawings, sculptures, and computer-generated imagery of women chosen by a jury of some of today’s best artists and connoisseurs of the female form. Jury members Joe Chiodo, Spencer Davis,

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ECLIPSE painting by artist A.D. Cook

Creating Eclipse

Creating Eclipse by A.D. Cook Canvas Wrap Article, November 2004 Welcome to CANVAS WRAP, and ongoing series of step-by-step instructional articles on the art of airbrushing as fine art. CANVAS WRAP will present a “no secrets” approach in these articles.

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ModelsMania - A.D. Cook Interview Preview

ModelsMania Magazine 2012

+The Artist A.D. Cook A.D. Cook is a world-renowned, Internationally established, master artist whose brilliant career spans decades and includes hundreds of spectacular artworks utilizing a wide variety of mediums. His creative imagery bursts out of traditional art forms leaving

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Artist A.D. Cook with model Brandy Beavers 2013

The Master of the Muse

The Master of the Muse by Brandy Beavers. I once saw a documentary in which a group of credited scientists held a controlled experiment. The premise was simple. They recruited forty young men with no formal artistic training and divided

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Nude Beauty Nude by A.D. Cook

Nude Beauty Nude

Nudity in art has been debated since the beginning of time. After all, the unclothed human figure is an important genre in art, as it has been since ancient times, beautifully featured throughout history. The divine beauty of the nude

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Easyriders, April 2001

Easyriders Magazine

April 2001 Art Imitating Art. A.D. Cook paints pictures of Harleys and man does he ever. “Passing Time” is his latest piece, and it’s a fine one. No question about it, either, the guy knows how to lay down an

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Aqua Cabana magazine featuring artist A.D. Cook

Aqua Cabana Magazine

The Relentless Pursuit of Beauty Artist A.D. Cook Written by Jennifer Gaydeski for Aqua Cabana Magazine I had the distinct pleasure of meeting innovative Las Vegas artist A.D. Cook when I attended a charity event last year where his work was being featured.

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A.D. Cook article in Tradeshow Lifestyles 2012 (preview)

Celebrating Timeless Natural Beauty

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by entertainer, artist, and writer Steve Connolly for Tradeshow Lifestyles, the voice of trade shows and convention centers in Las Vegas… Tradeshow Lifestyles – September 2012 Featured Art: top left: Ms. Medea

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Art Monkey at A.D. Cook art studio, Las Vegas, NV

Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas

Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas for Airbrush by A.D. Cook Published in Airbrush Action Magazine, December 2004 (updated April 2020) Canvas and fine art go hand-in-hand. But readily available off-the-shelf canvas really isn’t made for airbrushing. Even stretched and “prepared”

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INDIAN SUMMER motorcycle painting by A.D. Cook, 2000

A Study in Chrome and Reflected Surfaces, part 1

Published in Airbrush Action Magazine, April 2001 Indian Summer Size and Surface: 48” x 36” on 100% pure cotton duck stretched canvas. For the purpose of this painting, I’m working on Monet Master Wrap Canvas by Masterpiece Artist Canvas. Additional

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