A.D. Cook motorcycle art at Red Rock Harley-Davidson, Las Vegas, NV

About My Art

My art is about passion, vision, and commitment.

Dramatic in size, quality, texture, and impact, I am often told that my original paintings are hard to appreciate by simply visiting a web site. They need to be seen in person. Rich in detail, they can be enjoyed from across the room or from just inches away. They’re realistic to the point of being an illusion, yet stylized enough to be attention holding. They are my creative expression as an artist.

I take an “old-school, hands-on” approach to everything I do in my studio and have tremendous pride in the art that bears my signature. I firmly believe that art created-by-hand is essential, and quality and craftsmanship are a big part of that.

Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.

~ John Ruskin


Like artists before me, I am inspired by great natural classic beauty. Powerful art nudes have been the focus of my art and creative energies. Unlike artists before me, my approach captures beauty and energy in a uniquely 21st-century style. Inspired by the classics, I create timeless heirloom images in contemporary media. When I’m inspired to paint on canvas, I keep as the center of my focus the longevity and enduring nature of all fine masterworks. Working on canvas with either pearl metallics or acrylic media is enhanced by my own proprietary meticulous process of preparing the surface. My metal paintings engage the viewer with energy and power. Many of my shifting colors and metal effects are a singular invention of mine on this medium. They are at the same time contemporary and timeless.


My original canvas artworks are typically painted in acrylics on specially-prepared canvas – typically museum-wrapped with 1-1/2″ stretcher bars. Several layers of gesso are hand-worked into the canvas and then meticulously wet-sanded to create my desired surface. Click here for an article about my canvas prep process.

Only after the surface is perfect, do I begin a painting. A lot of work and time goes into preparing a canvas, especially when you consider the size of most of my originals. But with as much as has gone into preparing the canvas for art, it’s still just the beginning. Any given painting may take dozens to hundreds of hours at the easel. With each hour the painting grows and evolves to reveal the passion and beauty of the chosen piece. For me, this is what it’s all about – the process of creating beautiful art that truly captures my vision and passion.

Finished paintings are treated with special UV resistant varnish to protect the art and ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and value. Different paintings receive different finishes, but typically figurative originals receive a satin finish. My pearl series receive a slightly glossier finish.

All this preparation and finish work provides for an extremely smooth painting, especially for canvas art. Unless otherwise noted all original art is sold unframed, however, all visible edges are finished and each painting is ready to display.


I started my current “Pearl Series” in Spring 2011. Since then, I’ve created a dozen larger-than-life paintings featuring beautiful muses and pearl illusions on canvas.

My Pearl Series include effects more often integrated into my metal creations with the level of detail found in my canvas paintings.


My signature metal art process results in a seemingly holographic image capturing a beauty that knows no limits. My metal artworks are created through a loving yet laborious task of grinding and preparing the metal. The figurative artwork’s grinds compliment the female form and the flow with the image. The grinds are as important to the artwork as the muse.

I paint with a variety of mediums and tools to create special effects and illusions within the metal. Finished artworks are really more of a mixed media painting with a high-gloss finish. That gloss is created in a spray booth with the application of several coats of clear medium and then polished to a glass smooth finish.

All completed metal art is mounted to a support backing created to suspend the art in front of the wall – creating an illusion of floating – and is ready for display.


A.D. Cook Collector Series Giclées are available exclusively from ADCook.com. To protect consumers from any risk of fraud, particularly relating to counterfeits, no official retailer sells A.D. Cook reproductions of any kind on the Internet.  If you find A.D. Cook art represented elsewhere, please feel free to email us and we’ll verify its authenticity of creation.

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All art represented on this site is created by A.D. Cook. We’re proud to offer many of these original works of art for sale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding paintings or any items on this site. If you’d like to purchase any original art or discuss commissioned artwork, please visit my contact page.

All prices are F.O.B., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and does not include framing.

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